The main feature is the sheltered gently shelving sandy beach.  It is completely protected from the prevailing winds and the morning sun warms the sea on a rising tide.  On a spring tide you can take a morning walk all the way to St Helens Fort, getting wet only up to your knees. There is no better experience than coming back to barbecue a couple of locally caught mackerel for breakfast. 


It is very important that this is only done when the tide times are safe - please ask for details. 


If you're lucky enough to come in spring the woods are carpeted with wild garlic, bluebells, daffodils, primroses, wild violets and later in the year wild orchids cover the orchard.   

As well as everything you might expect to find in rock pools, you can expect to see red squirrels, peregrines, stoats, buzzards, owls, sparrow hawks, swifts & swallows, bats, woodpeckers and if you're lucky a badger.

Guests are welcome to enjoy the whole garden.

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