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All our accommodation is located between Bembridge Harbour and Seaview (two local sailing villages).  There are good restaurants in both and on the green in St Helens (walking distance).  Breakfast is available at The Baywatch Café on St Helens Duver or at the Hungry Bear Café at Fakenham Farm on Eddington Road. 

​Graham Henley provides fresh lobster and crab from the Best Dressed Crab on Embankment Road, Bembridge.  And in Bembridge village centre there is a local veg shop, fish shop, butcher and baker.  Candle sticks are also available...

If you don’t wish to cook the following eateries can be found in St Helens, Seaview and Bembridge:

Tackt-Isle offer a wide range of activities and water-sports including lessons.  Bicycle hire is also available from them and TAV Cycles in Ryde. 


Horse riding is available locally in Bembridge.