New Protocols for Yurts, the Coach House and 2 Cluniac Cottages
First Draft


We are delighted that we can welcome you to our little piece of paradise this summer.  

Cleaning procedures

We are introducing new cleaning procedures and will be asking you to help us minimise the risks to our cleaners and the next guests (who were of course you on arrival!).   These procedures may be changed or enhanced. 

Arrival and Departure

To ensure that we have sufficient time to do an enhanced clean and sanitization process we are asking all guests to leave by 10.00AM prompt and deferring access to your property until 5.00PM.    

Guests are welcome to arrive on site at any time and use the beach or the garden.  This also applies to your departure day. 

In addition to enhanced cleaning we are changing all bedding including mattress protectors, duvets and pillows between stays.   On arrival you will find bags in each room which will contain pillows, duvets and mattress protectors.  In addition, you will find a set of sheets for each room wrapped in plastic which will have been stored in the bag for in excess of 48 hours.  We will be asking you to make up your own beds on arrival.  NB: For arrivals on 4 July 2020 the beds will be made up as usual, prior to 1 July 2020.   

There will also be bags containing bath and hand towels for all your guests, along with bathmats. 

All these bags will be packed and zipped at least 24 hours before your arrival to ensure that any virus cannot survive. 

On departure we would ask you to strip all beds and put linen and towelling in the separate bags provided on the day before departure.  Please leave as many windows open as possible.  You will find that most windows are open on arrival. 

To help us please let us know your ferry time on the arrival date. 

Guest Details

We would also ask you to confirm the names of all your guests and where they have come from prior to their stay.  If they have come from or are returning to more than one household, please give us a contact number so that if needed they can be reached.  We will also ask you all to undertake to let us know if any of your guests develop symptoms during their stay or in the 7 days following their stay. 

We do apologise for the draconian measure we are asking you to take but it is to ensure that all guests (including you) have a safe and enjoyable stay. 

Although I am sure that many of you will want to enjoy our uniquely isolated properties, we will try to let you know what local shops and other facilities are open before you arrive.   

Best regards 

Andrew Palmer